GIS and Mapping

Geographic Information Systems

Providing a thorough and up to the minute visual representation of where a project stands allows for interpretation of massive amounts of data at a glance. Whether a map is reporting the acquisition and ownership status of a Resource play or providing a precise current measurement of pipeline progress, our mapping department can deliver the details necessary to make crucial decisions.  Angelle & Donohue has an in-house mapping department which boasts:
  • A staff of land professionals who have been trained in GIS
  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Ability to create Shapefiles
  • Programs to import data from almost any source and convert it into a usable format
  • Knowledge to compile and combine field data from multiple sources to produce a specifically requested¬†result
  • Overlaying ownership and parcel data on aerial, topographic or tobin imagery
  • On-site producing of full size prints
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